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Doppelendprofiler - Double end tenoners 

Double-end tenoners – double-sided processing – double the piece numbers 

Double-end tenoners are the sizing machines that are employed after the process of panel cutting.

HOMAG double-end tenoners are reliable, compact “workhorses” for versatile processing applications: Angular or inclined cuts, sizing, profiling, rebating, grooving and corner processing. Two passes – longitudinal and transverse – are all it takes to process all four sides of your workpiece. Completing both passes in sequence naturally ensures enormous productivity increases.

We also produce double-End tenoner for special solutions for many applications and processing operations for wooden and non-wooden products.
Double End Tenoner for narrow workpieces
Double End Tenoner Line for profiling and sizing of narrow workpieces
Double End Tenoner for special materials
Double End Tenoner for processing of soft materials, for example rock wool
Double End Tenoner FPL 600
Double End Tenoner for sizing and profiling of tongue and groove panels
Double End Tenoner FPL 600
Special Double End Tenoner for structural elements
FPL 266Double-end tenoner FPL 260
Double-sided processing - double the piece numbers
FPL 520Double-end tenoner FPL 520
Maximized capability, minimized wear and maintenance
FPL 600Double-end tenoner FPL 600
"Workhorses" for wide-ranging requirements
FPL 614Double-end tenoners FPL 614/624
One machine, five units - endless opportunities


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